mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

What I heart right now

I have been dreaming about these lately...take a look.

65 years of marriage. This sweetest couple captured by the talend Jose Villa. These photos just made my day, they made me want to smile and cry all at the same time!

Absolutely one of my faves wedding. This farm photo shoot by Henry & Masci via Style Me Pretty.

And yes, I'm dreaming of cheese. This dessert cheese table created by the amazing Sunday Suppers for Martha Stewart Weddings. Absolutely fantastic.
These are the utterly charming images that I've been dreaming about lately. They inspired me, hope they'll inspire you.

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  1. It´s marvellous when people stay loyal and together, when they love each other all their live long. Those lovely images just show that amazing bond between that man and his wife. They have such a beautiful smile!

  2. Such lovely place and cute couple!!

    The word from the journalist this morning:

    .."your house has been published on the special issue of Casa Chic called "Gli Speciali di Casa Chic n.13 - Stile Gustaviano" and not on the february issue of the monthly Casa Chic.
    The magazines are sold separately."

    I hope you find that paper! Mari.

  3. I love the first collage especially-it is beautiful!They look so happy(and Healthy) together.


  4. i love Jose Villa's work, so talented, and it's so sweet to see such a beloved couple after so many years, marvelous! a dream come true :)
    Im glad you like the "my series" :)
    Have a lovely day xx

  5. Ciao.Ho scoperto il tuo blog un pò di tempo fa...partendo da trendinozze e volevo farti i complimenti...x le foto,x i colori,i caratteri!Tutto!Ma la mia curiosità mi porta a farti qualche domanda:sei italiana e vivi all'estero?Da quanto tempo...e x lavoro o x amore?A presto,Francesca

  6. Aw..what a sweet couple...they remind me of my grandparents who are still so in love!
    Great post!

  7. You were absolutely right, i adore this post, from the couple, to the rustic wedding to the cheese table that i couldnt resist posting myself a couple of days ago :)
    Thank you!

  8. Che tenerezza! E che foto meravigliose! Sembra il sogno ad occhi aperti di chi ama davvero la persona che ha accanto :') e quindi anche il mio!
    Baci cara!

  9. Mmmmm... the cheese looks divine...

  10. merci de ta visite.
    une petite ballade chez toi c'est gai.


  11. What a fabulously inspirational post - LOVE the photos of the couple!

    I am happy you left the comment you did, as I have had the headband in my shop, reserved for you, since you asked and hadn't heard anything ~ It is ready for you my friend!


  12. Bellissime foto, Fede!
    Quelle dei due dolcissimi nonnini toccano davvero il cuore...come dici te, commuovono e fanno sorridere allo stesso tempo,sono pregne di emozioni..incredibilmente belle quelle due mani legate x la vita!

    Un bacione e grazie per questi bei momenti! ;-)


  13. Let's hope and pray to see our selves in a photo like this! Grey and old, but still together and still in love ;)


  14. Aww, i beamed when i heard 65 years of marriage. To have been through that, this is truly the most beautiful feeling in the world.

    These definitely inspire me. :)

  15. Hi Federica! Oh they're very inspiring!! Love, love, love...especially the sweet couple married for 65 wonderful!!

    :) T

  16. I'm always dreaming about cheese! That setup is glorious!

  17. oh man that couple is so INSPIRING!! :) i am at one year down.... MANY MANY more to go!! it will be fun!

  18. oh I adore Style Me Pretty!! lovely. Really truly.


  19. the elderly couple is too dear for words. beautiful photography but more importantly they look truly happy together.

    and federica if you're dreaming of cheese there's only one place to go — join me in la france!

  20. no worries, it's totally normal to love cheese, and to dream of it. great posts!

    i'm adding you to my blog roll.

  21. Wow, I can only hope and dream I will last this long in my marriage, how wonderful.

  22. Sweetest pictures EVER of the lovebirds. We should all be so lucky, yes? Just lovely.

    Happy One year anniversary, Federica! Your blog is such a happy place to visit.
    hugs from the US

  23. wow how amazing is that??? 65 years of marriage! beautiful:)

    all of these pictures are so gorgeous...


  24. Awwh! I am going on 10 years with hubby (still madly in love) and I see us in those beautiful images. (Still a little bit to go, though).

    I have given up chocolate for six months (crazy e'!) but I am NEVER giving up cheese!

    Happy rest of the week,

    OX Mon

  25. I love those jose villa photos, they make my heart swell!

  26. I love those jose villa photos, they make my heart swell!

  27. i just love the selection of these pictures! they made my day too!
    have a sweet end of the week,

  28. Love all these images. So sweet of the couple who are still so in love after 65 years, and then of the wedding, just starting off their marriage.

    Thanks for sharing them with us. That couple makes my day!!!

  29. I always love looking at the photos you post! 65 years of marriage- that is so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  30. They are lovely couple, They inspire me.